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Cash Bonds in Wharton County, TX

Rely on the help of an honest bail bond company when you or a loved one is in need. A-Action Bail Bonds offers assistance with cash bonds in Wharton County, TX, and the surrounding areas. With 35 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and compassion to help you with cash bail services. With our affordable payment plans, you’ll easily be able to get the help you need for your cash bail bonds. 

We work with you from the beginning of the bonding process right up until the end, educating you about what to next expect with your paid-in-full bonds. Our bondsman is available 24/7, meaning you get the prompt service you deserve. Call us now to get a free quote or to request our mobile services.

What Is the Difference Between Cash Bail and Other Bails?

A cash bail requires that the full amount of the bond be paid to the court upfront in cash. It differs from regular bail amounts, which start from 10% of the full amount the court’s charge. Let our bondsman help you through the process of a cash bail to ensure you or your loved one understands the entire process.

Why Does the Court Require Cash Bail Bonds?

There are certain circumstances where the court will charge a full cash bail bond instead of a usual bond. It is possible the person under arrest already owes money to the court from a former unpaid fine. The courts could also potentially see the individual as a flight risk and want to ensure he or she shows up at the next court hearing with an up-front cash payment.

Cash Bonds in Wharton County, TX

Assistance with Cash-Only Bonds

To help you with the cash-only bonds, work with our trusted bail bondsman as your middleman to help with the paperwork and help you throughout the process. We are also proud to help with jail release should you or a loved one have a need.

Contact our bail bond company 24/7 when you or a loved one needs cash bonds. We serve Wharton County, El Campo, East Bernard, Hungerford, and Boling, Texas.

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